I'm Alicyn Wright, a faux painter (also called a decorative artist) based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you are considering faux finishes for your home or business, take a moment to look over my site.  Educate yourself about the different types of faux finishes. Learn the difference between classic faux and what most local painters call “faux”. Learn why a quality faux finish beats wall paper any day of the week in quality, value and appearance.

And, of course, check out my portfolio to see Venetian plasters, metallics, waxes, stone finishes, marbling, wood-graining, Lustrestones, and so much more.

In addition to stunning faux finishes for walls and ceilings, I also make old cabinets and countertops look new. Or I'll make that old metal garage door look just like an expensive wooden door--the possibilities are endless!

Let me make your home (or business) inviting and comfortable with unique custom finishes that will take your breath away.

Alicyn Wright, Decorative Artist and Faux Painter, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Call me at
(801) 372-5433

Utah Faux artist, Alicyn Wright, located in Salt Lake City, Utah